Rent a boat and explore the island in your your own pace!

We offer motorboats for licensed customers but also dingys with smaller engines which don’t require a driving license. You and your friends can rent a boat for the whole day and visit the hidden bays of the island. Pack a picnic and stop at whichever place you wish to fully enjoy the magnificence of the Aegean sea!

Licensed drivers are allowed to rent the larger speedboats which are offered with or without a cabin. these boats hold a maximum of 6 or 7 people depending on the boat.
Unlicensed drivers are allowed to rent our dingys which have a smaller engine but are powerfull enough to take you to all the  great places the island provides. These boats hold a maximum of 5 people.
Please check in with us to find out about the current weather conditions, as the boat rental bookings are always subject to change in case of sudden weather deterioration.
To book your boat please contact us through the submission form in our contact page!